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"Fracking The Eagle Ford Shale: Big Oil And Bad Air On The Texas Prairie."

A new investigative report and documentary released by the Weather Channel and Center for Public Integrity exposes the ill health effects of oil and natural gas drilling technology on nearby communities. While much attention had been centered on the earthquakes and groundwater contamination caused by fracking, relatively little was known about air quality concerns. The results of this year-long study appear now to counter repeated assurances by state health officials that residents have nothing to worry about. This article links to

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Judge blocks CCSF accreditation revocation
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A controversial accrediting commission has decided California's largest community college should lose its accreditation because of some administrative deficiencies unrelated to academic performance. The group, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, is alleged to be promoting an agenda developed by conservative organizations and was cited last August by the Department of Education for failing to comply with federal statutes. Now a judge has stayed its attempt to shut down key financial support and transfer opportunities for 80,000 students, pending a lawsuit filed by the San Francisco City Attorney's office. The revokation was set to take effect in July, 2014. The article linked above was written by Nanette Asimov and published 1/2/14 in the S.F. Chronicle.

Aliens Without Borders: Piecing Together Extraterrestrial Disaster Relief Efforts from the Past, Future...

When Erich von Daniken published his controversial book Chariots of the Gods in 1968, he didn't know about the predictions for 2012. Today, the possibility that aliens traveled here in the past to launch a sort of Marshall Plan for human civilization takes on a whole new meaning. This in-depth report presents evidence of a more complicated past than the one still told in history books.

Pandemics, E.coli, Vector-Borne Illness and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

As dramatized in the film Contagion, the potential for out-of-control epidemics looms ominously on the horizon. Here's a closer look at the scary world of epidemiology, with plenty of tips to help you steer clear of infection and illness.


Tutorial: Making Pottery and Ceramics from Scratch

Clay is not only used for pots and cups, but for tooth crowns and fillings, water filters, plumbing, roof and floor tiles. Here's the internet's first in-depth how-to guide on how to find clay in nature, shape it into useful objects, then fire it in a primitive kiln.


On the Trail of Yosemite's Monopoly Concessionaire

It happens only once every 15 years or so, and the last time it drove environmentalists into a state of apoplexy. That would be the award of the big contract to run Yosemite's lodgings, restaurants and other tourist services. It turns out, the Sierra Club and other nonprofits have cause to be concerned. In 1993, the Department of Interior may have secretly maneuvered to place the contract into the lap of Delaware North Companies, which is run by a billionaire with former ties to notorious gangsters. Bidding on the new contract was supposed to take effect in September 2011, but has been delayed until the end of 2013. Which begs the question: Is DNC the Halliburton of the National Park Service?


Ongoing Series:

The Mega-Disaster Planner

There may be no time like the present to plan for the bumpy road that lies ahead. How will humans survive without electricity if a solar flare disables satellites and the power grid? Will an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, more catastrophic weather, the economic meltdown and another terrorist attack combine to deliver a knockout punch to life as we know it? Here's a comprehensive guide to prepare you for the worst case scenario in the event that some of the dire predictions for 2012 and beyond are realized.

Apocalypse 2012? Exploring the History, Science and Predictions

Since the History Channel began its evocative series outlining the case for an apocalypse in 2012 (or soon after), people have been scrambling to find out more about the environmental equation, as well as prophecies from the past and world-ending catastrophes like the Great Flood. Here's an explanation of the who, what, when, where and how of various doomsday theories.

Half Dome

Yosemite Trekker - A Photo Journal

The City Edition travels through Yosemite Valley and parts of the High Sierras to get up close and personal with the geology, wildlife, tourists and park employees. Read the commentary and check out the photos. There's also a one-stop guide to help you plan your next trip, learn about volunteer opportunities or apply for a job at the park.

Malibu Trekker

If you're hankering for the warm weather and a day at the beach, come trekking with us through West L.A., Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu. And don't worry, it won't cost you a thing, because the museums, canals, boardwalks, beaches, parks and estuaries we visit are all free.


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