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How to Pack and Ship a Bike - Cont.

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Once you pick up the bike box at your destination, the ordeal of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again begins. It's a good idea to wait until you're settled in and feeling fresh before starting.

Reassembly Instructions

1. Generally speaking, you'll follow the reverse order that you used when breaking down the bike.

2. At first, you may want to leave it lying on the ground while you assemble it.

3. When you reattach the front tire, make sure the two forks of the frame have their open sides facing towards the bike seat. Another way to picture it is to pretend the two forks are the front hooves of a horse. When the horse bends his hooves to trot, they curl inward, facing you.

4. Make sure the derailer is laid out correctly (i.e. extending the chain) before inserting the bolt. Tighten it to the frame for a snug fit. If the chain falls off the front sprockets, simply press down on the lower end of the chain to get enough slack to rewrap it on the sprocket. When you ride the bike the first time, your gears will cause the chain to readjust to its proper location.

5. To reattach the handlebars, straddle the bike and lower the shaft into the opening. (It should be in front of all your gear and brakelines.) Then goose it down till it clicks in the place. Line up the handlebars so that their midpoint is directly over the front tire, then tighten the Allen head screw.

6. Remember, you have a left pedal and a right pedal. Check the designation stamped on the bottom to make sure each is inserted properly. When attaching the left pedal, you'll now be turning the medal cylinder counter-clockwise to thread it.

7. Reattach your bike rack and any other accessories, then pump up your tires.

Back brakeline detached with Allen wrench inserted

8. Check your handbrakes to make sure the brakelines are all fastened correctly along the frame (including right above the front tire). You may need to adjust the tautness of those tin wires if the brakes aren't correctly aligned and working properly. To do this, find the loose end of each tin wire, then loosen the nearest fastener to it with an allen wrench. Adjust the line, either pulling it tighter or lessening its length, then re-tighten the fastener. It may take a couple tries to get everything right.

9. Check your kickstand's position to make sure it isn't scraping against your back tire.

10. Stow your tools and take the bike out for a test ride.

Hopefully, your vacation won't end unexpectedly two days later...

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